I started this page as a way to memorialize the massive changes I was trying to incorporate into my life after I quit drinking. It was part journal, part accountability documentation and part just wanting to have someone or something to bitch at once in a while. Eventually I started adding book reviews because I felt like maybe some day, someone else might be in a similar position and maybe I can point them towards some decent resources. Not every book I review is related to sobriety, but many are.  If you have a recommendation for a book you think I should read, feel free to email me at littlemiss2point0@my2point0project.com. 

And if you’re reading this, maybe, just maybe you have a 2.0 project of your own  I’d love to hear about it. But for now, have fun reading about my misadventures in recreating myself for the life I want to live .


Chronicling the Adventure of my Reinvention