About Little Miss 2.0

As of this writing, for reasons related to my current profession, I choose to remain anonymous. Let’s just say I’m your typical Midwestern woman trying to balance a career, a family, far too many pets, and all the things that go along with living the suburban life. Let’s also just say I’m sick of all the shit that starts with “I have to,” “I should,” “I must,” and “I wish” and I’m working on “I want to, ” and “I will,” instead.

Once I’m able to take some definitive steps in my 2.0 project (i.e. quit my job) I’ll come back and update this page with some real live facts about my life. In the meantime, feel free to email me at littlemiss2point0@my2point0project.com

When I first started this blog, it was under the cover of anonymity due, in part, to my profession as a corporate HR manager, but also, because I was still harboring a lot of shame and embarrassment about my alcoholism. Well… fuck that.  I work for myself, I’m no longer embarrassed, and I’m not inclined to hide any more.

So here you go:
Little Miss 2.0 is the alter ego of Becky Spuller, a 42 year old mother of two who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She’s an HR consultant and teacher, married  to her wonderful husband (Mr. 2.0) who puts up with an unbelievable amount of her crazy shit. Together, they share their space with a menagerie of asshole animals including two dogs (Rolo and “not-you” Rowdy),  and three cats (Sneakers, aka the wheezer, Booger and Ruby).




Feel free to leave me a message on this page, if you’re so inclined, or email me at littlemiss2point0@my2point0project.com.


Chronicling the Adventure of my Reinvention